Monday 12 December 2011

Something New!

There seems to be a common theme on all the alpaca blogs...for once there is no north south weather would appear that we are all up to our ankles in mud. Our alpacas are usually pretty good at keeping clean, but even they are failing to look pristine...

A rather dirty EP Cambridge Lady Gaga

It was more fleece sorting yesterday...did you think that I had finished with the trip to the mill...unfortunately not... but another full day and I will have cracked it...just as well as I am now at the stage where I am starting to grade people's hair as I stand behind them in the supermarket queue.

We are now pretty short of stock for our soon to up and running shop...Paul, who is not usually very observant has noticed that I have a lovely collection of alpaca scarves to wear...Robyn and Craig also have a couple to test drive...all in the name of market research of course...they just get softer the more they are worn, and for the first time ever I can wear a scarf that I don't have to keep taking off because I get irritatingly warm in shops...see I can recommend with confidence.

Taking of which; a plug for The Royal Mail. Last week I posted a parcel to the US containing 6 of our alpaca scarves. The customer had advised that these were to be Xmas presents so it was important that they arrived in plenty of time. Posted from our village post office last Friday using Royal Mail Airsure they arrived at their destination before I had even forwarded the tracking code...door to door 6 days!

From the Beck Brow Collection Craig?

I will keep this is Friday...Paul is in parents get new sofas....2 'old' Laura Ashley sofas are begging for a new home...they look lovely in our snug...the problem?...Paul's favourite recliner has to get moved to the garage (it didn't end up in one piece but that is a longer story)...well I thought that I had got away with it...I had warned him that we had something new...he had a quick glance ...not much was said...

As we were feeding the alpacas...I hear Paul mutter... "I am not here to be your servant you know...behaving like royalty"...oh dear...overstepped the mark?.. thankfully he was only talking to EPC Lady Gaga (she is worse than I am)...Paul reminded me that the last time I warned him that we had got something new whilst he was away in London...he came home to find a dog called Velvet...a sofa could never cause that much trouble he he had been relieved...should I have taken more advantage of the situation!

So not a lot happening in the alpaca world at the moment. I think that we are all looking ahead to next year and our births. I have been taking it one step further and looking into stud services for Cambridge Camilla for next year. We are planning to put our Champion Beck Brow Explorer over our white females, but of course Camilla is his dam so we are looking further a field for her. It would appear that I am not alone in my long term plans as I have noticed that Waradene St Patrick of EPC has been receiving a lot of interest via our website. It is a shame that we spend all of our time from September onwards looking forward to spring...thankfully we have Christmas to distract us!


  1. Hi Barbara,
    Wishing you and your family a safe and merry christmas and equally safe new year.
    Amazingly there are alot of people in Australia still commenting on St Patrick. Gonna have to get onto making a 2nd edition I think.
    Looking forward to reading more of your blogs.
    Sharon Warland
    Waradene Alpacas

  2. Christmas a distraction !....I can't believe that !!.....Poor Paul, does this mean he has to sit in the are a hard woman, Barbara !! long as you and Velvet are cosy on those new sofas....all is well !..Jayne

  3. Thanks Sharon,

    A merry Christmas to you and yours too.

    St. Patrick has over 30 births due next year...if he stamps his mark as strongly as he has on his first born (Boots) we might just beat you to a duplicate!

    Barbara x

    Jayne...don't worry Paul's garage is really his workshop...he likes it in there...something to do with peace and quite! Bx

  4. So-fa, so good then eh Barbara? Ooooh! Shirley & Robbie