Friday, 9 December 2011

Lovely to see you...

Still a bit blowy today, although nothing compared to yesterday; Amanda came to visit the Beck Brow cria well wrapped up against the cold. Having been a bit under the weather herself, she hadn't been for a couple of weeks, so was looking forward to a warm welcome. Quintos was first in the queue...When he was born Amanda spent 3 hours with a hair drier getting his temperature up to he is a little bit special...

"No definitely not finest alpaca...more Tesco if you don't mind me saying!"

"No hat yourself an alpaca breeder!"

"Look don't tell anyone but you're my favourite"



Moment comes Magellan..."manners please!"

Easter-Wood Adelle with the results of the storm stuck in her fleece

And a welcome from Katie and Finesse (right)

Thankfully we survived the gale force winds without any damage...I was out first thing expecting the worst...but no. The barn looked liked a tornado had whirled through... with hay everywhere...including in all the cria fleeces...and by the amount of poo inside no one had ventured did take 3 hours to do the mucking and sweeping out this morning... but at least we all survived intact!

I have had rather a lazy day do need them sometimes...some socialising...a little bit of copy for the new website...and it's nearly time for a glass of Marlborough Savignon Blanc I feel!


  1. Thanks for a lovely day, cria therapy works every time, should be on the NHS!

  2. What lovely photos...we have these lovely moments but usually there's no-one there to capture them! Hope you enjoy that glass of SB..just what you need in this weather...a taste of Summer!!

  3. Yep, a pictorial tale made me smile!!

  4. They say a picture paints a thousand words Barbara - this proves it. Shirley & Robbie