Friday 27 May 2011

Exploring the girls...

Waradene St. Patrick of EPC with Beck Brow Lucie (sire EPC Top Account of Fowberry)

Poo picking took rather longer than it might have done today; thanks to the entertaining antics of the weanlings. Lucie who is not one year-old until the1st of July has taken rather a shine to St. Patrick and has been putting in some serious flirting (interestingly her dam Nancy was the same and was mated at 13-months - this is early for us). All was going well until they got interrupted by the new kid on the block: Beck Brow Explorer

Here he is orgling as pushes himself to the front.... St Patrick wondering what on earth is going on with this young nipper.

 Beck Brow Explorer decides to show the ladies his wares

 Beck Brow Fine Romance takes a peek...yes she thinks this just could be a fine romance indeed!

What do you think Nutmeg?

Okay Lucie decides to take a peek

Lucie soon realizes that she has made the wrong choice...what kind of positioning is that....but what can you do when true love is on the wrong side of the fence

Waradene St. Patrick of EPC...wondering whether to give the young kid some tips!

Okay, Explorer might have had his tail flipped in submission...he is some what in awe of St. Patrick...but he still got the girl! New paddock required for Explorer some time very soon. However, I think that we will mate Lucie to her true love this year. She is very well grown and obviously very interested...must run in the family!

     Finally as we still have no Beck Brow cria born....Florens Fendi

P.S I am the only one having problems leaving comments on some blogs (if you read this Jeff  from Easter Wood Alpaca Stud...good luck with the van search!)...I realize this is a stupid question because if you are having problems then you won't be able to comment!


  1. Hope you get the comment issue sorted soon and by the way, both Explorer and St Patrick look great! Thanks for the good wishes for the van search.

  2. St Pat really does look more gorgeous every time I see him!

  3. Fascinating courting observations - not ha$ing pro%lems leavin> c-m#e*nts here.