Friday, 20 May 2011

Alpaca Throws

It has taken some time from fleece sorting to end product, but we have got there at last. Beck Brow Alpaca throws...British alpaca fleece; mainly from Houghton Hall Alpacas in Cambridge (and our own herd); hand sorted in Cumbria; spun in Yorkshire; and woven in Scotland!

Weighing in at 1.2 kgs they really are luxurious. However, we are going to have to have to do some large runs to make the price viable...lets hope they sell otherwise lots of christmas presents already purchased! The first run of 60 scarves are also completed. Knitwear to follow!

100% British...Some of the throws from Beck Brow Alpacas

Playing with the camera...didn't quite work!

It is still pouring down here in Cumbria, so I am not holding up much hope of any births today (of course Caramella might have been sharing her text book so I am keeping an eye out). The 9 females in the 'May Birthing Group' appear to be sharing Fendi (the only cria). Caramella is not in the least possessive, in fact I think that she rather likes Holly (the herd matriarch) sharing the responsibility. Looking out of the window now I can see Caramella up the field in the rain... and Fendi (in her little coat)... sitting under a tree keeping dry with Holly...ahhh


  1. Simply gorgeous. I double clicked the photos to get a really good look. I love the herringbone style two tone version, but you can see the plain cream one really shines. I think the only problem you'll have selling them is that people won't know which one to choose..

  2. They are really lovely - and gorgeous colours!

  3. The throws look day we'll make our own as we have a loom but just need to find some time to play with it!

  4. Yeah, really lovely throws Barbara - well done. Shirley & Robbie

  5. The throws are lovely, pure luxury, I love the brown.

  6. Isn't it satisfying having the final usable products, having started from bags and bags of fibre stuffed into the trailer months ago - you've 'thrown' yourself into it!