Saturday, 28 December 2013

I Spy a Party in the Paddock!!

As predicted, the Christmas party started here at Beck Brow on Christmas Eve...what I hadn't envisaged however, was that the party would be in the paddock...and some surprise presents would be unwrapped....

Like the rest of the UK we have had to deal with extreme weather over the Christmas period, and I had considered blaming the impromptu party on the wind. However, Paul has said if I do, then he will have to write his first ever comment on my blog...and I think I know what it would be...PLONKER! You see I decided to do a bit of rearranging...moving our females on to new grass...because of the wind I tied open the gates to ensure no mums and cria could get separated. What I also did was tie open the gate between Goldmine (our newly imported stud) and the girls.

It was only when Paul arrived home and asked where I had moved goldmine to... that I realised what I had done. The girls had actually moved into his paddock...I Spy an open gate...we ran to the top paddock just in time to see Goldmine thank Beck Brow Foxy Sox for the she pronked off with her tail in the air! Silverstream Galaxy (who miscarried a week or two ago) had also enjoyed the event. The only other open females in the paddock were Wiseman Coco, Bozedown Campari and Young Punk Angel, who all appeared to have missed the party thankfully. Galaxy has unfailingly become pregnant on the first mating...

Prima Jubilee, on agistement at Beck Brow...always inquisitive but luckily not in the party paddock

Beck Brow Foxy Sox (foreground)...mixing with the big girls post party

We hardly noticed it was Christmas here with the weather creating so much extra work; keeping hay bags topped up and shelters mucked out was a full on job. These photos were taken on Boxing Day, when we decided just to spend it with the alpacas. The liveried females were wormed and given their AD&E and all the weanlings were weighed (all doing well)

Not sure if Paul is looking cross because I am taking photos instead of working...or it is the pink barrow!

Bozedown Campari...another paddock...and another brush and barrow!

The weather has meant the junior show team are all looking an absolute mess..I had been really pleased with the lack of vegetation in their fleeces, but with gales blowing through the barns there was no hope of keeping them clean. Only consolation is we were all in the same boat, and keeping our alpacas safe was our priority.

Beck Brow Bespoke...not looking too bad on Boxing day...worst after yesterday

Beck Brow Esmee Mae and Jetson (behind)

Beck Brow Otis...covered in hay

Beck Brow Hallelujah...the only Beck Brow Explorer daughter that I have retained...have I kept the right one? Too early to say, and as all have elite dams, only time will tell!

We have Michael and Judith from Cockerham Alpacas coming for a meal tonight...none stop alpaca chatter...and generous amounts of red wine...whoopee!

Just in case you were wondering Epic is still adorable...

Beck Brow Epic


  1. Omg ! Esmee and Jetson are the image of Hamish and Dougal.

  2. What a great Christmas present Goldmine must have thought you'd given him! Bet he couldn't believe his luck! He's probably been trying to work out how he could reach the girls and then...a gate...not only open, but tied open by the Boss! At least he's special and it wasn't some scruffy chap from the roughest part of town!! and wait now

  3. Woz it the wind wot dunnit - or the red vino?! Shirley & Robbie

  4. Its an age thing ! when you get to a certain age and you can't or don't remember what you were doing.. Ive spent hours looking for stuff I cant remember where Ive put it !! What a great party present for Goldmine and the girls, exciting Christmas presents next year .... Jayne

  5. Hehehe! I'm sorry that I got a laugh from this, but I'll bet Goldmine couldn't believe his luck! At least you kept the 'damage' to a minimum :D Lisa