Monday, 29 July 2013

Lots of comings and goings...and more comings soon!

It seems that I only manage to get around to writing a weekly blog these days...I must do much has been happening I find it hard to get the time (considering that uploading photos with a snail pace broadband is a bit of a long chore) and then all of a sudden it is Monday again!

Yesterday was an early start...4.45am to be precise...I was woken by a torrential downpour and with a newborn cria, I felt that I had to get up and check if his mum had brought him inside the barn...a  good decision as he was soaked through his 'waterproof coat'... and I ended up soaked to my underwear. So no point going back to I was wide awake! After waiting to ensure that we weren't likely to have any births (although Robyn came to farm watch) we headed off to County Durham, with the van and the trailer.

First stop was to visit Carole, Clyde and Rachael at Prince Bishop Alpacas, where Beck Brow Explorer had a date with two females. I will just say that a good time was had by all and leave it at that!

The Prince Bishop herd with Crystal unimpressed at having her dignity compromised!

Apologies about the quality of the photo taken on my iPad...but this is Prince Bishop Summer Rose. Another pea from the pod of Beck Brow Explorer. Her dam has a date with Explorer in a couple of weeks...another one just the same?...yes please! Behind her is Prince Bishop Horace a lovely Waradene St Patrick cria...a right little looker with a lovely fleece. Carole has taken to alpaca farming like a duck to water...a natural.

After leaving two males for spit-offs, we then headed off to Teesdale Alpacas  to make our next delivery of the day. Beck Brow Testimony will be joining the Teesdale herd as a future herd sire. With Waradene St Patrick of EPC as his sire and Silverstream Hoity Toity as his dam, this beige male is packed with top notch genetics including; Highlander, Czar, Inti, Conquistador, and  El Dorado, to name just a few. Congratulations to Sam and Doug, a very wise investment and we wish you well with him in the future.

We have also had to new additions...both males...hey ho so long as they are fit and well...and a few of them look like future stud males!!!

First up Bozedown Bonita, a fawn female produced a blue black male (sire: Virachocha Black Sabbath). Black Sabbath's cria are so recognizable (Amanda has some too) with a great head shape and such bright fleeces...very pleasing. He has a number of bookings so it will be interesting to see more cria on the ground next year.

Beck Brow Otis

Then on Saturday, one of our favourites; Beck Brow Snooty Boots (dam; EP Cambridge Lady Gaga. Sire: Waradene St patrick of EPC) had her Fowberry Nobility cria. He is beige, so not maybe quite as dark as anticipated, but what a handsome boy...and doesn't he know it! I keep trying to think of a name that links Snooty Boots and Nobility but nothing is coming...I must give him a name by the end of the present he is Bootee!

Beck Brow Snooty Boots with her cria

What shall we call Bootee?

We are repeating the match that produced Summer Haze and are expecting Lillyfield Jack of Spades of Inca up for a date with Chaska this week.

Inca Van Dieman Chaska with Beck Brow Summer Haze

Well, lots to do as always, but especially so this week... as we have 28 alpacas arriving on Thursday...yes 28...but more on that another day.


  1. Name for Bootee - 'Haughty' (Having or showing excessive pride or arrogance!!) Should tie up Snooty Boots and Nobility! Shirley & Robbie

  2. Another packed week by the sounds of things ....lovely photos ...of the babies, hope all goes well for Thursday ! Jayne

  3. Boys...girls...who cares, we're so missing having any littlies this year thus ANYTHING small and fluffy would be lovely! Guess I must just enjoy your lovely baby photos for the time being!

  4. 28 arrivals?! Now that is just teasing!

  5. Bootee, Wellington ? - except he'd get called Wellie! maybe Wells..

  6. If there had been a prize Bev you would have won it! After some ideas on Facebook we decided on the Duke of Wellington. He will no doubt get Wellies to go with our Boots and Sox...maybe Flip Flop if we eventually get a female?