Thursday, 6 September 2012

Foxy Sox..She Rocks!

Having mastered working a night shift and carrying on the next day without any sleep; this week I decided to take it to the next level; two night shifts. Two in a row in fact. Actually, when I agreed to this, I had anticipated that all of our births would be over. But No!

So, on Wednesday, I am sitting in the field trying to stay awake, whilst Roma (Fine Romance our only girl left to birth) snores...she snores for reverberates through the valley...and whilst I am amused by the irony of the situation...Galaxy obviously is not...Now I am fortunate to have a partner who doesn't snore...but Paul tells me that it is a very annoying habit...and Galaxy seems to agree...for she got up...went over to Roma...and booted her...I kid you not!

Anyway, Roma obviously needed the rest, for today she delivered the the time I arrived home at 8 am she was already showing signs of  labour. Roma is white and was mated to Waradene St Patrick, with Roma having a fawn mum we reckoned this gave her a 50% chance of producing a fawn...could we be lucky enough to get a fawn female for our last cria of the year...YES we could!

Poor Roma had a traumatic time, although the cria wasn't especially large (8.5kgs) she struggled. She also took 6 hours to pass the placenta; adding to her agitation. She has had some Finadyne and a long acting antibiotic (as she had a little help) but isn't overly amused by the experience, hence her daughter (who is provisionally called Foxy Sox...I like it. Paul doesn't) has been given cows colostrum.

Beck Brow Foxy Sox (or it could be ShuShu)

Here she is again at three hours old...looking just a tad like St Patrick I think!

Oh and another...see lack of sleep!

Beck brow Testimony...Such a character...adorable (he has feet)

Testimony welcoming Foxy Sox


  1. Well worth the wait, she looks stunning. Congratulations and a big pat for St Pat, he is reproducing mini-me's. Cuddle for Roma.

  2. Get some sleep!!!!!! And congratulations - foxy sox (I like it) is a cutie, and that last photo is too precious. :)

  3. What a result, well done one and all, early night tonight then?!

  4. How about "Sox and Shues". My Dad had a stuffed fox called "Foxy Lady" that terrorised my childhood, so I'm really not keen on Foxy. However, CONGRATULATIONS, a gorgeous St Pat girl. Now get some sleep...

  5. Congratulations on your lovely new arrival ...I like it Foxy Soxs !! She looks lovely ... Well Done and well worth the wait ! I think its fair to say ..the Maternity ward is now up to capacity !.... here to .....Thankfully ..Jayne