Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Sharing Advice!!

Happy New Year!!...a little belated...and a bit blowy (with gale force winds blowing, across Cumbria and Scotland especially, we have been without electricity for most of the day)...but wishing you all a happy and successful 2012...I feel it's going to be a good one...positive thinking always does the trick I promise!

We normally start our alpaca halter training during the Christmas break, whilst we have plenty of helpers around, however this year it has been difficult to find a day when it hasn't been raining. In the end we just had to get wet...I am not sure who likes getting wet least...the alpacas or the trainers but it has to be done.

After a couple of times just wearing the halters (ensuring the halters are a correct fit is essential - I do like the Mary Roach cria harnesses with the fully adjustable fastening rather than traditional buckle) the weanlings ventured out. We like to take them out in groups of three if we can. We have sometimes enlisted the help of a 'good walker' to follow (this was going to be Explorer this year as they are all in awe of him...tails flipped over upon the mere sight of him) but we made good progress unaided. It always tends to be the third time out...and they just 'get it'...some more than others it has to be said....

Craig takes the persuasive approach with Annabelle

 ...and makes good progress...giving plenty of verbal encouragement

 Magellan (with Robyn) and Finesse are also off and away (Paul also has an alpaca but his sweet talking doesn't seem to have the same charm...tell me about it Katie!)

Synergy and Crystal off up the lane despite the rain.

Today was an alpaca chatter day...Magnum and Satchmo are to be relocated to Scotland...and their lovely new owner came to spend some time with us on the farm (thankfully she survived the wind and the lack of electricity unscathed). As they will not be going north until March...when they are fully halter trained!...We (Amanda and myself) can enjoy the boys for a while longer. We are so lucky in always finding lovely new homes for our alpacas...the boys are to have a log cabin with veranda as their new abode...and no one makes it as far as the for sale list either!

Now I know blogs should really be about sharing knowledge and experience and should not be all me drivelling on...so I feel I should share this information girls...Robyn (daughter) gets new car (Volvo) it has some rattles...she takes car back...sorted. Next time she gets in car...the seat belt alarm is sounding constantly...checks fastening all correct...stops car gets in and out, turns off engine...it still keeps alarming...it is driving her crazy...she drives to garage to complain..."Surely a brand new car should not have so many problems"...and this is where the advice comes in...DON'T PUT SO MUCH STUFF IN YOUR HANDBAG THAT IT WEIGHS THE SAME AS A SMALL HUMAN WHEN PLACED ON THE PASSENGER SEAT!...embarrassing or what?


  1. Nice one Robyn!
    Lucky Satchmo and Magnum, 5 star accommodation awaits the ledgendary musician and a P.I..lovely to meet Christina.

  2. Poor Robyn, how embarrassing that must have been! Those seat belt alarms are a pain as they dont even give you time to take off your coat before they start complaing! I try a sort of, ..bottom lifted up off the seat...remove coat, bottom back and belt fastened! A pain but it works!! Sorry if this is a little tooo much information!

  3. We have still to start attempting the halter training - I feel you are doing the professional version of halter training! Handy tip with the seat belt alarm - luckily my car does not appear to have one of those!
    Happy New Year to Beck Brow

  4. I can empathise with Robyn. I told the garage my new Yeti didn't have a bonnet opening lever, the manual showed it in the drivers footwell, next to the door. Definately not there in my car. The mechanic pointed out that the diagram showed the door, and lever, to the left of the driver's seat, because it was a continental built car. And of course there was the lever, in full view, in the passenger side footwell..