Monday, 30 January 2012


It has been so nice to have been greeted by Jack Frost the last couple of mornings...a welcome relief from the rain and mud. Unfortunately it did rain on Friday when we had visitors who had arranged sometime ago, to come to the farm to meet the alpacas and get 'hands-on'. We did still manage to do some cria walking in the rain and I don't think the bad weather dampened their enthusiasm for it one bit!

On Sunday we went to visit our friends at Nero Black Alpacas fitting in the NEBAG (North East and Borders Alpaca Group) AGM at the same time. It was a very positive meeting, and a number of both educational and social events are being planned for this year, as well the annual halter and fleece shows. 

However fleece rummaging was obviously the highlight of my day. Now we only have one black alpaca, black is not my speciality, however it didn't take an expert to recognise that a certain black male was looking stunning...he will be at the Futurity...looking very nice Ice...good luck guys!

Taking of the British Alpaca Futurity...we only have 2 weeks left until we have to make some decisions.

Decision 1...made...we are going.

Decision 2 ... made...we are definitely taking some alpacas.

Decision we take the van and the trailer or just the van (just taking the van will cut down the journey time by 30 will be a much more comfortable will be much easier to park)

Decision 4... pending...who to take? This will be influenced by the above.
My other issue is Snooty Boots and Adelle. They will not be weaned until the end of February at the earliest...will they be ready to be weaned?...both are small (Boots had a bit of a blip with her growing for a while) is expensive to make entries and then not take them....maybe I will know better in two weeks time.

I will be so pleased when the entries close and I can't deliberate any more...however almost certains are; Beck Brow Magellan (Neptune of Houghton) and Beck Brow Rumour Has It (EPC Top Account of Fowberry) and a strong possible is Beck Brow Crystal (Ambersun Baltimore of Townend). After our previous experience we will be taking a minimum of three (last year Roma didn't like being left on her own)

Magellan Checking out Velvet

Obviously over stepping the mark!

Rumour Has It (same dam as Explorer)

Crystal Maze (she is so much bigger than Rumour but only 3 weeks older!)

Beck Brow Snooty Boots...still looking diddy

Easter-Wood Adelle also still petite...and very fine.

Bahati is still sitting down more than would be considered normal...but otherwise appears perfectly fine...she is as I type; sitting under the heater in the shelter...looking every inch like one else is allowed near!

We have more alpaca visitors coming tomorrow...fingers crossed for more frost...please no more rain!


  1. It's interesting how complicated the decision-making becomes: will the yearlings fleece last or blow out, will any legs affected by mites have re-grown before the shows, when to book the shearer relative to birthing dates, which Shows will be suitable, and so on...should I have had a glass(es) of wine after giving blood this afternoon?

  2. Sounds like lots of deliberations..going on at Beck Brow ! at the moment......Im sure it will all come together.....lovely photos of the youngsters and Velvet.....its forecast snow up here in the next couple of days...and a mini artic snap !!.......Jayne

  3. Velvet is clearly a well behaved dog - most be down to the training again! Shirley & Robbie

  4. We will see you at The Futurity Barbara but we are still not sure whether to show or not!