Monday, 9 January 2012

Alpaca walking (passed) Dog walking (failed)...must try harder!

Another fairly leisurely weekend...I have declared myself officially back to work today...that is the problem with being self and pleasure do blur in to one at times...especially when work is alpaca related.

On Saturday morning we weaned the second group of cria. This is the first year that we have not weaned all of the cria at the same time. We now have enough cria born to wean them more accurately (thus avoiding over burdening nursing Mums who are struggling to maintain condition feeding large cria). With births stretching from May to September last year, we have decided to split the cria into three groups. The final group of Quintos, Boots and Adelle will be weaned late February, if they are well enough grown of course.

The first six weanlings have now past the halter training test; all having made it to the lane end and back without any trouble. All are pretty good at standing to have their legs lifted too (toe nail trimming practise) Crystal is a sitter for leg lifting (although good at walking) but we will work on that whilst she is still a manageable size.

It is interesting to see how the older weanlings have established their group...I am sure they are looking at the latest four and saying..."just get over it ... Mummy's boy"

Finesse talking about the new kids with Katie (these two are the best of friends...unfortunately Katie is on livery and will be leaving us soon).

We have had a little sunshine today. It will take some time for the mud to dry out, but at least it isn't getting any worse. It is a struggle to find a clean alpaca to photograph;

Parisien (dark fawn) isn't looking too dirty from a distance...Roma would certainly not stand close inspection (look at those knees)

Biba seems to have excelled in the dirty stakes despite being our only black alpaca.

Beck Brow Explorer doesn't do dirty of course!

On Sunday we decided to have a family walk...due to time restrictions (Robyn and Craig had a Sunday dinner invitation)...we chose to go to Bewcastle...a bit bleak at the best of times never mind in January...but the map said that we could complete the walk within 2 hours. Well it started to drizzle, but we decided to go for it was also a bit windy but this made us feel like troopers. We had managed an hour and a half of the walk...when...Velvet caught the whiff of a she went (as Robyn pointed out Velvet's sense of smell seems to be rather stronger than her sense of hearing) and a half hours later...soaking wet...and covered in mud (us not Velvet)...we found about was my fault of course...according to Paul I need to train her there is a challenge I will not be winning!

Paul and Velvet

Saturday night I checked the British Alpaca Futurity website to double check the closing dates for entries now Paul is my witness, all dates were the same; 14th Jan 2012. So on Saturday I decided we didn't have time to make any decisions and get any entries in on time (even if they were just photo entries) only to check again this morning to see that the dates have been changed to the 14th February...that's more like it...far too soon past the festive break to make any decisions yet.

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  1. We're sending you down two big, slightly overweight white fellas so that you can teach them how to lift their legs properly at nail clipping time! Shirley & Robbie