Saturday, 24 September 2011

Best Buddies...

I had planned to go to the BAS fleece and fibre meeting at Stoneleigh today, but it seems such a long time since we have had a full weekend at home, so I have sent my apologies, and we have started work on the job list. Poo picking first off. Paul was nominated as pooverer and I opted for the driving position. Well that was the plan. However taking the camera along did mean that the driving duties got a little neglected...causing much tutting from the foreman.

Quintos and Snooty Boots, our two youngest cria, are inseparable and irresistible...

"Not sure, might be rain heading over from the East coast...what do ye think?"

"Look out there's someone over there on your left...keep cool and  I'll sneak a peak...yeah it's okay, just a camera"


One for Vogue

Quintos with a cool pose

That's it off we go...tea time!

Quintos's sire Hollywood's Attitude...he certainly has passed on his attitude... in spades!

The NFU Countryside magazine arrived in the post this morning, along with the BAS magazine; Alpaca. It was good to see that we got a mention in the former and a photo of our throws was featured promoting the use of natural products (although it does rather look like they are in the mohair section). I had expected that we might have also had a mention in Alpaca after Beck Brow Explorer's Supreme Championship win at Northumberland County Show, but it does appear to have missed being reported on. I'm sure that he won't notice!


  1. Snooty boots is adorable! Please tell us the secret behind your great photos! Is it...expensive clever camera? ...bribes of carrots in your pockets for after photos? ...just good luck (don't believe you!)...gorgeous, well trained alpacas? employ the services of a professional?! Gone on, share your secret, I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves them!

  2. As usual, great photo's and beautiful alpacas Barbara!

  3. Alpacas and llamas are my favorites - and your photos certainly are wonderful!

  4. Boots is adorable!

    Poor Explorer, it's a good job he got Supreme at Westmorland too so you can make sure he gets in that report.

  5. You have been taking some great pics lately Barbara.

  6. Im sure I put a comment on last night....those babies are just gorgeous !!....mind you I have been having a few technical problems !!....Jayne