Monday, 5 September 2011

Starting young!

Well after having two days off on sick leave, and Paul having had a jolly off at the cricket on Saturday, it was catch up time on Sunday. I was in trouble again, unable to resist I mated Lady Gaga at 17 days last week...and yes she sat again this week...when will I learn...21 DAYS! Parisien spat for the second week so good news for her new owners. St Patrick and that should be a good looking cria!

The new girls are settling in well. They are in isolation at present, and have the barn with the mirrors as their shelter. The mirrors always do the trick tempting them in to look at themselves. It is a bit like the hall of mirrors at the fun fair as some of the mirrors have twisted slightly. I like the one that gives you really long legs! We bought acrylic mirrors, but having passed the tip on to someone else (who has had success getting her alpacas to use a dark shelter with mirrors) I can now recommend mirror on a roll from eBay, stuck on to board it is a fraction of the price. Clever thinking Kathryn! The girls got their dose of trouble at all...they are very sweet (I think Jim has been cuddling!)

The tests have came back from the VLA on Friday. All egg counts are <10. You may recall that the laboratory were getting tested on a new method of screening camelid faeces and had asked for some samples to test. They have adopted a more sensitive method due to 'reports from experienced camelid clinicians of severe disease particularly in young crias at low egg counts and variability of shedding eggs'. So it is worth checking that your lab is not using the <50 count as their standard.

The sashes arrived for Westmorland Show today...phew...that was getting  a bit close. Paul has been doing all the hard work planning how the tent will be set out, and making contingency plans in case of rain (please no). I am more the office girl. I haven't even seen the least I have someone to blame if it all falls apart!

 In amongst this, I am trying to make arrangements for The World Sheep Dog Trials. We are to feature alpacas over the four days, with a display in the ring on the Friday and Sunday (next week). I am coordinating the alpacas, but we don't actually have any boys to take along. Hence I am indebted to Greenside, Little Eskrigg and WhyNot Alpacas for their help. With over 30,000 visitors expected it should be a really good show case for the alpacas, fleece and knitwear.

Yesterday we actually had some sunshine, in amongst all the work I had a little lie out in the cria paddock. I like the way the cria investigate when they think that you are sleeping. I was however in for a bit of a shock...someone sat on my head...knees gripped tight...orgling as loud as St. Patrick...I kid you was Quintos...10 days old...that boy is going to be trouble!

I am afraid it is a bit of a slow news day, but Craig tells me I am slacking with my blogging...not even a photo!


  1. Good information about the egg count and VLA testing, Barbara. We check twice a year, April and Oct and last time we checked our VLA was using the <50. We'll be well prepared for the October count! Thanks - take care. Shirley & Robbie

  2. Mirror, mirror in the shed ? What is this ? A shed adornment I don't have. Not for long ... I am going to fit make up mirrors with lights so Noah can put his lippy on.

  3. Hope the weather settles for your up-coming shows.

  4. Well..I'm so glad that our crias only chew our clothes, what a shock to find one on your head! We dont have any of those bad boys this year, just "nice" girls!!

  5. I have one just like Quintos !....Zirrius and him should have a room together !...they can practice their orggling....sounds, whilst sorting their hair do the hall of mirrors !..........he hasn't sat on my head yet !!.........Jayne