Thursday, 20 March 2014

The BAS National Show 2014

Sorry a very belated blog. I have been having serious trouble co-ordinating the brain and fingers since the show...typing has been beyond me. Tired but elated sums it up!

After all the months of hard work, the set-up for the BAS National show began at 6am on Friday, and for Michael, Philippa and myself ended at 10am Monday (maybe the better option than for an exhausted Tim having to drive home to Dorset late Sunday!). The show committee (Julia, Melanie, Harry, Shirley as well as aforementioned) did an amazing job. However, the amount of support we received from members volunteering for so many different tasks, was overwhelming. We thank you all.

The feedback has been lovely and so positive, in fact that would have been worth all the hard work on its own, however we had rather a successful junior show team as well.

All seven of our team were placed with rosettes from 1st to 5th. However, undoubtedly the highlight of our show was the junior white male class. Anyone who follows this blog will know how much I adore Beck Brow Explorer, and the fact that we had entered his first born cria; Beck Brow First Edition was the important one.

Well as if I hadn't enough happening, upon doing the 6am check of the hall on Saturday morning, I find a sick alpaca. An alpaca rolling about with severe colic. And so it was that the on call vet was called to First Edition (Eddie). He recovered well after a couple of shots of Buscopan and Finadyne, but his sweaty fleece looked like a rag...still what did that matter his was well.

Actually what did that matter...he was pulled up first in his diliberation he was staying there. I was so excited that I nearly didn't notice when Beck Brow Bespoke got moved into 2nd place. So there we had it, only three white males born at Beck Brow in 2013 (Epic isn't weaned) and they take 1st and 2nd...ecstatic!

   Beck Brow First Edition and Beck Brow Bespoke (first and second placed junior white males)

It was lovely on Tuesday just to spend time at home and catch up with our granddaughter of course. Ben had done a great job looking after the alpacas. Phoenix (who received the vitamin  B12) has improved in leaps and bounds. Bright eyed and weighing 26 kilos!

Time to start thinking about the organisation of the NWAG Show now (Saturday 5th April) as well as fitting in Showtime the weekend before. We also have females due, so not much chance of a rest...hey better than being bored!

I have some big decisions to make now. We have 5 stud males and only 30 females to to share them out?? Sorry boys someone isn't going to get enough work!


  1. Very well done all round! See you at Showtime!

  2. First AND second!
    Many congratulations!

  3. Congratulations Barbara - very well deserved!

  4. Great results! For the boys and for the Show, well done!

  5. Great results Barbara, well done! Poor Eddie but at least all was well in the end! Don't they just love to keep us on our toes?!

  6. That is just fantastic news...congratulations!!! I'm so glad it was nothing serious with Eddie and look what he did anyway! Go Beck Brow! :) Lisa