Saturday, 4 January 2014

Epic for sale?

Happy 2014 everybody! I actually do feel I can say that with meaning rain...a whole day and no rain... I have fluffy alpacas!! Extremely dirty alpacas...but dry ones. The paddocks are still a bog, and the farm has never looked such a mess, with muddy gateways and shelters; but the alpacas enjoyed the dry weather, and so did we. Of course I couldn't resist some fleece inspections...and don't they just look so much better. I always think that the cria fleeces are going to be ruined by such weather, but they survive.

It's been a full on alpaca day today, with all of the cria getting their A,D & E top up, and the rest of the herd getting their Maxigro drench (mineral, vitamin, and most importantly selenium supplement). We then moved most of the herd around (including ponies). The liveried females now have access to a ten acre paddock (no one could ever say we are overstocked). In order to give them access to this and to their shelter, we moved Goldmine and his pals in with Explorer and Co. I wasn't quite sure how that might pan out, but it looks like Goldmine has quietly taken charge.

The Beck Brow females now have access to the top paddock.

Beck Brow Explorer trying to look especially macho now that Timbertop Goldmine is sharing his paddock (I think that he is looking more like his sire (EPC Navigator) as he matures. Still no guard hair visible on that chest!)

Not quite sure what Velvet is doing but Goldmine doesn't look impressed...with Explorer following

The livery females in their 10 acre paddock

The dreadful weather has certainly tested Paul's belter of a shelter. It has been well used by the livery herd; however, if he thought that he could get away without guttering, the torrential rain and wind has proven him wrong. Having left a small gap at the top (to allow the wind to pass through, and the roof to remain where it should) the gale force wind was blowing in the rain as it came of the roof. So that has been sorted. Thank goodness we decided to put down a concrete floor, I can only imagine the mess we would have had otherwise.

Paul putting up the guttering...Cumbrian dry stone walling foreground.

We had a visit last week from a couple who have 12,000 free range chickens...and a visiting fox! Nimrod, Julius and Snowstorm will have fun on guard duty. Homework had already been done, and the reputation of alpacas in this type of role is spreading.

Finally...just in case you were wondering...I DONT THINK SO....


P.S. He is gaining weight steadily. He just doesn't like all the I lift him over the muddy entrance to the barn! Love Epic!


  1. Doh, you tease! Looks like Velvet is trying to fly.

  2. Get Epic some wellies ! or a wheel barrow .... :) Jayne

  3. 10 Acres - now that's a decent sized paddock! Love the Velvet photo! Shirley & Robbie