Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Cheers Campari...

One of these days I will write a blog that isn't a week late...and doesn't involve me spending hours driving up and down the M6...one day but not today...

On Tuesday I drove down to Reading in the Alpaca-mobile. It wasn't a bad journey actually, other than the van radio just decides to change channels at will...still it gets you listening to something other than radio 2.

 I was travelling down for the judge's certification the next day, so a good trip was appreciated. Now, it has to be said I could have done with a good night's sleep as well, before such an important day. However, I had not booked my own accommodation (I will not name names) and a lumpy single bed, next to a busy main road, with a bathroom shared with a house full of builders, was not a good start. Three hours sleep!

After all the preparation of apprenticing up and down the country, all the ring stewarding, and fleece sorting...my head went completely blank on the day. I am very annoyed with myself;  far too nervous. I wish I had remembered the bit about visualising your audience naked to give yourself confidence...then again maybe not! We will find out this week...I expect I will be spending more time on the M6 to Bozedown.

The nice bit of the trip down was picking up Campari (hence the van). She is now in an isolation group of six and has settled in really well. I changed her name to Campari, but now I can't bring myself to use it...I feel like I need a waiter...reminds me of Morocco...Campari and fresh orange juice please...if only!


Sunday was the first of the Made-In-Cumbria Christmas street markets. Trish and I headed south to Kendal on the day of the predicted great storm. When we left home the sun was shining...it was however a bit breezier upon our arrival at the venue... and for some reason the majority of the stall holders hadn't bothered to turn up....anyway  we coped with the torrential rain, although we did question our decision to venture out...but then all of a sudden our alpacawear started flying of the shelves...and up the street...followed by boxes and finally the gazebo. Time to pack up and head home. On a positive note; the hog roast hadn't had much trade either...so I came home with half a pig...tonight's menu...pork, wild mushroom and cream pie...think Velvet can have the rest, before I start oinking!

We had a visit from a lovely family today who are interested in starting to breed alpacas. This is the bit I love, helping new owners start on the great adventure of alpaca ownership. Paul is going to look at how their land can be divided and advise on field shelters...he is getting a bit of a dab hand at farm layout...and is nearly as passionate about shelters as I am about the alpacas...teamwork!!!


  1. Good to have you back in Cumbria, I can't wait to meet Campari, she looks lovely.

  2. Campari is a looker that's for sure, very envious!

  3. Do you have one called 'soda' ?
    Its grim doing outdoor retail - put it down to 'brand awareness'

  4. Campari looks lovely, I can certainly see the resemblance to Gypsy. Fingers crossed on the certification.