Tuesday 24 September 2013

Bozedown Campari and the Pea Pods

We were up bright and early on Saturday morning, ready for our four hour trip down to Bozedown Alpacas. An exciting day lay ahead, with eighty seven 2012 born females to chose from I wanted a clear head. Well that was the plan...we were to leave at 06.30 hours...we actually left at 10.30 hrs. We found poor La-Di-Da flat out in the paddock at 06.00 hrs. Unable to stand and in severe pain, we gave here Finadyne and Buscopan. Poor little thing was running around in to fences, and throwing herself on the ground. Although Robyn and Craig were kindly looking after the farm, I wanted to make sure she was okay before we left. A very nasty case of colic.

So we arrived at Bozedown later than expected, but with ample time for a good explore. I knew I was going to find it hard to resist such high quality whites, but had in mind finding a fawn for Timbertop CT Goldmine. However, I just couldn't stop looking at a beautiful brown female, and I wasn't in the least disappointed when I got to see her fleece. Bozedown Campari is a daughter of Bozedown Bourbon and has the most delicious buttery soft fleece, which is very uniform in micron. Extremely impressive for her colour. Fleece stats: MD: 17, SD 3.2, CV 19 CF 100%. A very exciting addition to our coloured breeding programme at Beck Brow.

I did put this photo on Facebook and it was noted that Paul looks rather less excited...I looked through the photos...and believe me this is the best!!!

Paul with Bozedown Campari

Whilst we were away, the last birth of the year took place at Beck Brow. Not belonging to us, but a livery female, Razamataz had a lovely Black Sabbath male...yes more boys!

Razamataz with her Black Sabbath male.

So that's it until March when EP Cambridge Courtesse (pregnant to Sanjo Shalimar) is our first due of 2014, closely followed by Cambridge Stargazer (pregnant to EP Cambridge Spartacus)

We have had six Beck Brow Explorer progeny (3 females and 3 males). It is such a joy to see the offspring of our first home bred stud male. Here are the Pea Pods...

Beck Brow Miss Molly (sire Beck Brow Explorer)

Beck Brow Epic (sire Explorer)

Beck Brow Ludo (sitting) and Beck Brow La-Di-Da (both sired by Explorer)

Beck Brow La-Di-Da again (sire Explorer)

Beck Brow Hallelujah (sire Explorer)

Beck Brow First Edition (our star cria of the year and sired by Beck Brow Explorer)

Adelle, an adorable first time mum, who spends all of her time looking for Epic

Beck Brow Cats Pyjamas (sire Waradene St Patrick) 

Paul is struggling to find the time to get on with the belter (across between a barn and a shelter... as identified by Mark). We now have a concrete floor, but no other progress. Luckily the weather is being kind.

Has Paul lost his tools?...progress is slow!


  1. What a crop ! Love First Edition photo.

  2. Very impressed that you resisted the white urge ! :-)

  3. Taking several photos of the same white cria and claiming they are all from the same sire, is a bit lazy! I think Paul is thinking, "I should be getting on with the 'belter' instead of posing"...

  4. Yep, Paul definitely had a belter on his mind there! You do realise Barbara that Paul has a look of Monty Don about him, so posing may become more than a pastime! Shirley & Robbie

  5. Lovely Little Pea Pods!
    Paul does look very sad though - maybe he needs a bit of pampering!