Monday, 9 September 2013

Alpaca Classic 2013

 On Friday morning I was up and about at 6 am as usual...and by 6.15 am, I had the feeling that my plans to have a leisurely morning, before heading off to Bozedown Alpacas for the Alpaca Classic...were in serious jeopardy. There in the pouring rain, all on her own, whilst everyone else was tucked up inside, was Metisha. For goodness sake Metisha... it has been sunny for weeks...and I haven't been anywhere for months...why today...and why mess about until 14.00 hours...I should have been on the road by then!

The good news is that we have another Explorer daughter. For some reason, that I have no explanation for, I have decided to call her Miss Molly...which means I can't stop singing "Good golly Miss Molly"...maybe you are too young to remember?

So Kathryn (Nero Black Alpacas) and I left a little later than planned, with me having had 15 minutes to get ready as is the norm, and arrived at the hotel about 21.15 hours. A catch up in the bar with friends, and a glass or two of wine, and it was a relatively early night ready for the weekend ahead (was it early I cant remember?)

And what a great weekend we had. Mary-Jo (Bozedown) and Nick (Alpaca Stud) put on a great event. With their generous hospitality, and fantastic seminars and workshops, I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Of course what is even more impressive is the fact that this is all free...well it would be free...if I could just sit on my hands. I need there a cure for AAA do you think?...Alpaca Auction Addiction...its going to be cited on my divorce papers I feel!

I did try really hard...I resisted to the very last lot...I really hadn't intended to amount of coaxing by the auctioneer was going have me give in...and then it happened...without any encouragement at was just a nod of the head and that was it! Lot 25 to Beck Brow I going to have fun!

I so enjoyed catching up with everyone, you can't beat being surrounded by fellow AAA folk. Kathryn and I managed to talk for 11 hours (the journey there and back) without the slightest pause in conversation. So much so that we couldn't hear the satnav, and a number of roundabouts were navigated round a couple of times before exiting. However, the realisation that we would have to concentrate, if we were to get home at all, eventually was after scratching about in the the bottom of our bags and the ash tray to find the change to pay for the toll charge over the bridge...that we find out that the satnav was trying to interrupt our conversation to tell us to "turn around when possible" we then have to pay to cross the same bridge in the opposite direction...we did get home about 10 pm!

Good golly Miss Molly (yes another Explorer head)

I think someone might be becoming a favourite...La Di Da...she is so tiny!


Foxy Sox always gives me such a welcome home

And lastly Young Punk Percy (owned by Robyn and Craig) who is in need of a napkin!

Young Punk Percy


  1. We did the same on a payage toll road returning late from a show the other ours cost us more than your bridge...we nearly ended up in Bordeaux before we could turn around!!

  2. What , pray tell , is lot 25 ?

    1. Sorry Andy I am a tease...lot 25?...the pick of any female born at Bozedown in 2012!

    2. Wow, and you know how to pick them !

  3. Good golly Miss Molly - yep, thats a classic! Glad you are not still going round and round the roundabout Zebidee! Shirley & Robbie