Saturday 8 June 2013

Bozedown Magic Charm does it in style....

Just a quick blog to update on Bozedown Magic Charm who has been looking like she has been ready to birth all week. Well, just like Bozedown Celestrial she chose a sunny Saturday and delivered at noon in amongst the herd, and had a relaxed labour in the dust bath. What is it with those Bozedown girls do they have a spa down there? They definitely like to chill out.

There weren't many clues that she had gone into labour (well to be honest you dont expect it in the dust bath in amongst everyone) but once we saw that first push we started to get excited (no maybe that was just a 'me' rather than a 'we' but Paul was present). In this instance we were hoping for a male...a potential stud male unrelated to our we had decided it would be fawn but what sex would it be. Well we got our wish and more so...he is brown (I know he looks dark fawn in the photos but I am pretty sure he has dried light brown)...he is just gorgeous...lovely head and lots of curls!

Bozedown Magic Charm with her boy.

Magic Charm's boy (name pending)

Magic Charm taking it easy during labour...can you see the nose out?

stepping out for the final push with The Crafter taking great interest.

Like Bozedown Celestrial, Magic Charm had a text book delivery, followed by the delivery of the placenta within the hour. He was up on his feet within 30 mins and drinking at just over an hour old. Weighing in at 9.1kgs, a perfect weight. Well done girls what star maidens...such lovely mums and cria. I am looking forward to the Alpaca Classic 2013 in September already!!!


  1. Just wonderful when it all goes so well - lovely little man!

  2. He looks an absolute cracker!!!! Great head!

  3. Congratulations on your lovely new arrival, he looks stunning ! What a lovely Birth Day ...that's the way to do it !! Jayne

  4. What more could you ask for, well done girls!

  5. Result! (how's that for a name) lovely looking boy, just what you asked for, for a change..

  6. Boy - what a beaut! Shirley & Robbie

  7. Oh he is just gorgeous! What a stunner. Great photos of the labour - thank you for sharing :) Lisa