Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Cria: Cats and Crafter...

As promised some up to date photos of the two new cria. Unfortunately not of the best quality as I have lost the filter lens for the camera, hence the over exposed faces. Thank you for the suggestions for a name for Galaxy's the end I have gone off on a complete tangent and named him Beck Brow The just seems to suit him...and yes I am expecting he will make the stud male grade!!!
Beck Brow The Crafter at five days old

Beck Brow Cat's Pyjamas at 9 days old

Cats needs bigger pyjamas!

Beck Brow Cat's Pyjamas looking very feline!

Nice view eh Cats?

Beck Brow The Crafter already a chunky monkey!
I have also popped in a photo of Beck Brow Foxy Sox who is finding it tough in with the big girls, and keeps coming over for fact I am finding it as hard as she the other two weanlings have reunited with their mums but of course Roma has nothing to do will

Beck Brow Foxy Sox in with the big girls
and finally a photo taken yesterday which you may have seen if you follow us on Facebook...but for those who haven't

Velvet has an OMG moment when Wiseman Coco approaches unexpectedly!


  1. Great pics Barbara - lovely crias and a very nice view!

  2. Oh, poor Foxy sox, give her an extra big hug from me! The new arrivals look pretty special too!

  3. Lovely picture Barbara, particularly the one of Velvet having the bejeesus scared out of her!

  4. Excellent photos of the new babies, just gorgeous .... hope you have managed to top up the alpaca love ! Give Foxy Sock a extra special hug ... she is scrumptious !! Velvet looks like she has it all under control .... NOT ! Jayne

  5. Still laughing at Velvet's reaction!! Fantastic photos of gorgeous cria (and even Foxy Sox), they are just beautiful! :) Lisa

  6. Yep, brill photos Barbara. Shirley & Robbie