Monday, 8 March 2010

Never be accused of posing!

I've been back on dottle duty again today. Paul was as good as his word and didn't do any paddock cleaning whilst I was away. Although, he did mend the punctured tyre on my wheelbarrow... he is such a gentleman! I hadn't realised that the term dottle was Cumbrian until Dave pointed it out. I am now rather attached to it. I have a young brown girl called Pebbles... I was thinking that maybe I should call her first offspring Dottles?
As the weather was glorious today, I decided that blog photos were in order. I know it never works like that. Alpacas never pose on demand. In fact they were particularly non compliant today continually turning their bottoms towards me, as I kept walking around so did they. I think we were all dizzy by the time I gave up. Anyway here are some of the efforts:

Almo...he really should have smelt that before he rolled in manure!

Galaxy...looking a little bedraggled but she has a lovely fawn fleece in there.

Pepsi Lola....born Sept 2009 and soon to be weaned.

Okay I give up...bottoms it is!


  1. Looks like you have all enjoyed the sunshine. Don't you keep moving to get an even tan?

  2. I think that there one of the hardest animals to photograph...Im regulary on the receiving end of a nice....bottom !!....Oh..I hear you say...I'll just alpaca bottom...!!...Jayne

  3. I took 18 photos yesterday morning as it was bright and crisp - I was so disappointed - always one looking away - trouble is, when you only have five, you try and get them all in every shot - don't want to snub any of them! Once you have many more you have to shoot in smaller groups.

  4. What you need is a brightly coloured trailer!