Tuesday, 18 November 2014

How they have grown...

 Its been a beautiful bright autumn day here today, so I decided to get some cria photos whilst I had the chance. As you will see we have not managed to keep them very clean, and the photo quality is variable, but for those of you who like to see the cria grow, here we have some of the 2014 crop...

Beck Brow Jimmy Choos (black) is sired by Viracocha Black Sabbath and is from a fawn dam; Beck Brow Snooty Boots, who is sired by Waradene St Patrick (fawn). The fawn female born here on agistment is sired by Lavender Park Tulley. Her dam is now pregnant to Timbertop CT Goldmine,who shares his sire with Tulley.

We only put Beck Brow Explorer with one non-white female and Beck Brow Kitty La Kat was the result. In the foreground is Prima Sebastian (sire; Viracocha Black Sabbath)

 Beck Brow High Five is full brother to Beck Brow Explorer (sire: EP Cambridge Navigator of Houghton Hall) and his dam is one of our star females; Cambridge Camilla)

Here he is again. Normally he doesn't like to get in the photos!

Beck Brow Honey Bun (sire: Waradene St Patrick of EPC) looking very cute with those dark ears. Foreground is Beck Brow Illusion (sire; EP Cambridge Mirage)

Foreground; Beck Brow Soprano sired by Beck Brow Explorer. Dam EP Cambridge Aria (dam of Valley Alpacas The Diplomat)

This is one of my favourites of 2014; sired by Beck Brow Explorer she is full sister to Beck First Edition (Supreme Champion NWAG Alpaca Championships 2014). She has a very similiar fleece to her brother but beige in colour.

Beck Brow Asterisk (sire; Beck Brow Explorer) was rejected by his dam initially. Beck Brow Fine Romance rejected her first cria (Beck Brow Foxy Sox) and tried to do the same again. But with the help of Sepia (homeopathic remedy) and a persistent Asterisk all ended well. Typical crimpy chest of the Explorer cria.

 I realised that I hadn't taken a decent photo of Beck Brow Bond 007 (BBB007 is on the right) our only Timbertop CT Goldmine cria of 2014. Born the 9th of October he is a late born cria, but is gaining weight well. Here he is with Beck Brow Mr Darcy (left) who was due the same day but was born 3 weeks earlier.

Beck Brow Adventurer (sire; Beck Brow Explorer) is adorable. His dam obviously hasn't the best milk supply, so he shares the milk from our multi- championship winning female Bozedown Celestrial, with her daughter; his best friend Beck Brow Trendsetter!

Winning the prize for looking like a scruff-bag despite having a fabulous fleece in there, is Beck Brow Stardust (Sire; EP Cambridge Spartacus. Dam: Cambridge Stargazer). I suppose she did travel all the way from New Zealand.

Beck Brow Bunny Girl (Sire; Sanjo Shalimar) just never takes a good photo despite being rather lovely in the flesh, with a very dense fleece (Dam; EP Cambridge Courtesse)

Beck Brow Kitty La Kat again.

Beck Brow Hot Shot (foreground) and Beck Brow Mr Darcy (both sired by Beck Brow Explorer)

Beck Brow Prime Suspect (Sired by Viracocha Black Sabbath)

Left to right Beck Brow Explorer progeny: Mr Darcy, Adventurer and Trendsetter.

Looks like Beck Brow Mr Darcy (centre) might be well named...posing well!

Prima Sebastian (Sire: Viracocha Black Sabbath) getting in the frame again.

Paul has been building yet another field shelter. A small one this time for one of our isolation paddocks. It will be used for visiting females or when we have additions to our herd.

Taking of additions, our latest two to arrive on the farm and still in isolation, are Furze Park Sputnik (front) and Furze Park Elvira (both sired by Furze Park Telstar). We are hoping that Sputnik doesn't get any hanky panky ideas, but looking at the back of his neck, I suspect Elvira is in charge!

Lastly Beck Brow Idris (sire Lillyfield Jack of Spades) enjoying the view.


  1. That's a lovely set Barbara - and thanks for your comment on cria weight gain.

  2. Love those coloured beasties Barbara - and Honey Bun's ears! Shirley & Robbie

  3. More beautiful photos and what gorgeous crias they all are! I don't know how you tell some of Explorers little ones apart!

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