Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Photo Call for Jimmy Choos

So, you decide to write a blog (please note I have started this sentence with 'So'...I have just found out that this annoys Mark from Patou, so please expect this to be a regular feature! Writing in the third person...so annoying!)

Anyway I decided to take some photos especially for blog content, this never works, blogs need to evolve, need to be based around the activities on the farm, to feature photos taken without intent...well, as you can see from the results, it wasnt a good idea.

I was going to show you the fleece belonging to Beck Brow Jimmy Choos. The best I can offer are the two shots below...the first is blurred...the second obscured

Beck Brow Jimmy Choos (sire: Viracocha Black Sabbath)

Beck Brow Jimmy Choos

I then decided to get a shot of his dam Beck Brow Snooty Boots (sire: Waradene St Patrick), but having the wrong lens on, I missed....

 So, (got it in again!) I though I would get a shot of Jimmy himself. Finding him in the sand pit, I though he looked rather cute...but he has been blurred out by those whites (what else would you expect from the Explorer-looki-likies)

Far right in the photo is Beck Brow Trendsetter. My favourite white female so far (dam: Bozedown Celestrial, sire; Beck Brow Explorer). You are going to have to believe me that she is white, I keep checking, as she certainly looks beige...obviously all the time she spends in the pit.

Beck Brow Trendsetter

Beck Brow Adventurer (just because I love him)

So, more effort required with the photography, although I expect it might be a while before the next blog. On friday I am travelling down to the Alpaca Classic, which takes place on Saturday and Sunday. On the Monday I am visiting a farm to look at a stud male and progeny. On Tuesday and Wednesday I am attending a judge's clinic (as apprentice)at Bozedown Alpacas. Then I travel back for Westmorland Show on Thursday. On Friday I collapse in a heap!


  1. So, so, so, so, so funny!!! Grrrr!!!! Anyway my new pet hate is starting a sentence with 'anyway' so you scored there too! See you on Saturday you so 'n' so.

  2. At last a photo of a Beck Brow alpaca that hasn't just stepped out of the shower!! Love the photos even if you don't! Have a great few days, sounds as though it'll be a hectic week!

  3. So that Jimmy of yours is a stunner. So cute and fleece looking so nice. :-)