Monday, 21 July 2014

Crack from Beck Brow...

 It's been a while since my last blog; but the sun continues to shine...the ogling of the males continues to fill the air...and the births...yes, the births...zilch for Beck Brow... the wait continues!

We have had a busy old time with drive-by matings to the farm, mobile matings, and on farm matings. Of course it is always good to catch up with fellow breeders, so it cant really be classed as work. However, a free weekend looks a long way off. At least we get about, on Saturday we were in Cheshire doing matings, and on Sunday in Scotland! Paul is doing the mobile matings next weekend, whilst I stay home to oversee drive-by matings with some of the other boys...I elected to stay home as Cambridge Camilla is due (EP Cambridge Navigator cria) cant miss that one!

We will be leaving quite a few of our females open this winter. So probably only about 20 - 23 of our own females will be mated. We are back down to 50 alpacas (without this year's cria) having sold one or two males recently (more than 50% of the alpacas at Beck Brow are now agisted!).

Beck Brow Inkster (sire: Viracocha Black Sabbath) has been purchased by Blueberry Alpacas as a future herdsire. Beck Brow Otis and Beck Brow Blue have gone to join the treking team at Velvet Hall Alpacas, and Beck Brow Barnaby has gone to Hannahston Alpacas.

The hay has been cut and the sun is shinning...fingers crossed it remains that way until Thursday at least. The girls have been enjoying the new paddling pool (£10 Asda!). Pebbles was first in and refused anybody else access....

Pebbles hogging the pool

but Summer Solstice (who I though was timid up until this point) managed to turf her out...

relegating Pebbles to the baby pool...

not a good look Pebbles...heavily pregnant and wet legs!

I just love the way Asterisk likes to be in photos...and always looks grumpy...just like Explorer did as a cria!

We have had one birth, just not ours. Waradene St Patrick had a lovely light fawn daughter (I know she looks white in the photo). She is adorable...I want her...

One week old
Some photos:

Beck Brow Bottoms Up! (someone sleeping behind)

Beck Brow After Eight  (this year's mischief) with Velvet

Just to prove we do all colours...

Bottom, After and Cloud Nine

mother and baby paddock

Snazzy look snazz

and just because...

Chaska and Cloud

Beck Brow Stardust

Honaria and Bottom

Damascus (sire: Prophecy)

After Eight

Velvet caught sleeping with Angel


  1. Barbara, I think you are being rather greedy ... far too many lovely crias arriving at Beck Brow! We would just like a couple to arrive here but the "cria fairy" is spending too much time hanging out at your place so please let her go so that she can deliver some over here!!

  2. Lovely photos - as usual - Angel looks furious!
    I was going to get paddling pools but thought they would puncture them. Do they? Or will they last a bit?

    1. No punctures Rosemary, but the large one has a deflate valve that they have activated a couple of times!