Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Go Gaga....

As I am still feeling under the weather ...the chest infection has resulted in an ear infection which has resulted in a perforated ear. Yes, I do now have antibiotcs, and yes, I should have had then ages ago as advised. Yes, I am not I asked Paul if he would head out to feed the alpacas, and said that I would follow.

So I stroll out at 08.30am and Paul has shut in all of the girls at feeding, just in case I want to do anything with them. He is busy sweeping up. As they are in, I decide that we should put some cream on some dry skin...then when I look round...there is EP Cambridge Lady Gaga calm as you like, wandering around with a head and two legs out the back! Now Gaga is elegance personified, no groaning screeching or fuss from her. I open the barn door...out she strolls...and neatly drops a light fawn (could be beige) female! That's three females in a row for Gaga; Snooty Boots, Cat's Pyjamas, and now Posh Pants!

  Lady Gaga and Posh Pants looking rather smug!

That's also three females in a row for us; Stardust, Bunny Girl and now Posh. As I write Stardust is on the leg of the flight to Singapore. Slightly delayed, Stargazer, Solstice and Stardust are due to land Heathrow  about 8.15pm tomorrow. However with a number of horses and 92 alpacas to unload and get vet checked, it is going to be Friday morning before they are heading for Cumbria. We have just heard that Gilt Edge Gold Standard (sired by our Goldmine) will be on the flight, heading to Belgium where he will be at stud.

 Before they all arrive and take centre stage, I though that I would share a couple more photos of Bunny Girl...I am smitten...she is lovely...fleece and personality!

Beck Brow Bunny Girl 

At last we have some is Anzac Showpiece... having rolled in the mud bath, then enjoying some rays!

Showpiece...showing it all!

I seem to have been taking bookings for stud services with Beck Brow Explorer, nearly everyday lately...this is making me smile, for I haven't told him yet. I bet you are he will be pleased...but he won', he the lasiest alpaca ever. He always performs, and has a very good first time strike rate...but 10 minutes is all the girls get if they are luck. We are waiting for Aria to birth (she is huge) she was mated once with Explorer for 4 minutes! Maybe I am being a bit unfair...maybe not lazy...he just conserves energy very well...


  1. Great news and great name! and get well soon.

  2. Love that last photo. I wish I could do that mid week ! Roll on Sunday

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  4. Lovely photos! Barbara! As I too am somewhat under the weather with a horrible cold, my sympathy is with you...I think we just try to do far too much but then...what is life for if not to cram it full of wonderful things!!

  5. Hope you are feeling better by now - you have too much going on to be ill!

  6. Sorry to read that you have been under the weather Barbara but you've got plenty of things happening to make you smile for sure. Shirley & Robbie

  7. Hope you are feeling better should have Stargazer, Solstice and Stardust by now, that should help...can't wait to see the photos!! Posh Pants looks gorgeous, as does Bunny Girl :) Lisa