Thursday, 20 February 2014

National Crisis....Near Miss!

It's been a busy old time since my last blog. Not all work I have to confess. Last week Paul was away in the USA, and whilst we had some gastly weather here, and the alpacas spent a number of nights in the barn, I did have some help at hand. Even after a night of good food and wine, team work meant that we got the jobs done in super quick time, and invited more friends over for breakfast (fresh fruits, croissants, scrambled eggs, smoked salmon or pancetta). This rather went on, and by 1pm we were playing card games (okay gambling) with a glass of Hendricks dressed with the obligatory slice of cucumber. Well, you know that nurses know how to enjoy themselves!

We still managed to get plenty of work done, and good news on the weanling and cria weight gains. Whilst we have introduced haylage for the weanlings, the cria at foot don't have access to this. The common factor seems to be the introduction of GWF hembra and cria feed (we used this last year but they forgot to include it in our reorder). The cria at foot (four little Explorer progeny who are so cute) all come to the gate to be let out to feed from their separate bowls. All have had really good gains.

Other news; I had the two Christmas party girls scanned when the vet was out doing some vet checks on some sold females. You may remember that I accidentally let Goldmine in with the females on Christmas Eve. The results: Galaxy is pregnant. Foxy Sox is not (so is now getting to go to the shows).

It was my birthday on Monday. Paul excelled himself. I got a cup of coffee in bed. No card. No present. Yesterday I went to the farm shop and selected the most expensive pair of Aigle wellingtons...and put them on his account! 

Philippa and I did a silly thing yesterday...we uttered the words "all seems to be going well" with connection to the National Show. By 6pm all had gone rapidly downhill....

January I contact the rosette and sash company, that we wish to use to supply the BAS National Show. I explain that the show has a closing date and I cannot give exact numbers and sponsors until the day after. I give the dates of the show. All in writing. They confirm they can achieve this. I place the order. So yesterday I send off my exact requirements. At 6pm I receive the call...

"What's this, we can't do all these sashes in the time available, this is madness" 

Me: "but you agreed and I have it in writing in an email"

"That may be the case, but we have a large order from Slovacia we haven't time"

Me "but surely you accepted my order, should you not have kept space available"

"We can't just wait around for you. We didn't expect that you wanted them all made at once. You should have been in touch to check"

I ask if he can help at all, do halter or fleece show...but it seems that I am "an idiot" to expect them to do all this work when they are so busy!! Luckily there are some great companies out there who understand good customer service. To the rescue; Castle Rosettes and Hazelden Rosettes (sashes). I can't pretend it was a restless night waiting for companies to open this morning. We had visions of awarding a sash, then whipping it off the winner on exiting the ring, to use on the next. 

We have had one a two fine days. It has been lovely to see the alpacas 'fluffed up'. The dry weather does seem to have got some of the male weanlings a bit fresh...

                                         Beck Brow Bespoke taking a liking to. Prima  Lillibet


                                                          Beck Brow Cat's Pyjamas

                                                              Beck Brow Boxster


  1. Well done Barbara, doing 'breakfast' as well as 'lunch' while Paul is away!
    Very clean alpacas, they don't even have muddy feet! The last time mine had clean feet was in September!

  2. Rosette ordering is, in my opinion, the most stressful job around!

  3. Those alpacas do look incredibly clean...have they been wearing their rainsuits?!

    Congratulations Goldmine and Galaxy...they sound like a couple already...has a certain ring to it! However, you have clearly brought Foxy Sox up well...she knows that she must save herself for the day that the right chap comes orgling at her door!!

  4. Happy Birthday for last Monday :) Good on you for picking the most expensive Wellies!! Hehe, at least you know Galaxy will have a stunning cria O.O Well done with getting the sashes sorted (sounds like a nightmare), we have had to 'share' sashes here before...tricky! :) Lisa