Sunday, 14 April 2013

Its all about fawn...

Its been a while since I have been able to make such a claim...but its been a quiet week...and about time. too!

After getting the NWAG Alpaca Championship results off to Libby, and sending out a couple of press reports; that's my work with the show well and truly over. Until next year that is...when Dominic Lane will be judging a two-day NWAG Show, which will again be at the Borderway Mart, Carlisle.

Harvey from Blackberry Alpacas (Harvey Brown Photography) has kindly shared his images taken at the show. Here we have the two Supreme Champions (and I will post some more over the next few blogs).

 Suri Supreme Champion (kindly sponsored by Newland Alpacas) was won by Greenside Suri Romulas, a fawn intermediate male (above)

 The winner of the Huacaya Supreme Champion (kindly sponsored by Fowberry Alpacas) was Fowberry Nobility, an adult fawn male (pictured above with Jenny and Graham MacHarg)

Yesterday I put my show entry in for the BAS National Show. No, I haven't made a mistake.. that is a single entry. We aren't actually taking a show team, as I am helping out with ring stewarding (an opportunity to gain experience on the judging front). Our entry is Inca Garland and she will be going along with Team Inca.

I know... nobody ever believes me when I claim not to be making any more alpaca purchases...and to be fair I have no will power...but sometimes an alpaca is just too good to overlook. Inca Garland is a beautiful fawn maiden, and has some of the most desirable coloured genetics available; sired by the very impressive Popham Thunder, and with the renown Lillyfield Jack of Spades as the sire of her dam (Inca Eminence), she really was irresistible!

 Inca Garland

Inca Garland's fleece

On the fawn front, the excitement is building with two of our elite fawn females due any day; EP Cambridge Lady Gaga (pregnant to Waradene St Patrick of EPC) is at 324 days gestation. Bit early you might be thinking...and I would agree...except that she has birthed at 320 and 321 days previously. Silverstream Galaxy (still 18 microns aged 6 years old) is also pregnant to St Patrick, and is already bagged up and humming away to her unborn sunny day is my prediction!

It is always lovely to hear how our alpacas who have moved on to new homes are fairing, and we are lucky and grateful that our clients always take the time to keep us dated. Here we have Beck Brow Bendrago and Beck Brow Marco who are now owned by Stuart and Jean at Velvet Hall Alpacas.

Bendrago...would St Patrick be your daddy by any chance?

Here we have the two boys in their lovely new home. Notice how clean they both look...they have the Beck Brow Teflon coating...we only breed clean alpacas!


  1. If you could bottle that Teflon coating it would be a best seller!
    We only breed muddy alpacas!

  2. Barbara,I knew there was a secret you were not telling us...I think Teflon coating is outrageous...shouldn't be allowed and you training to be a judge as well...! There was us all thinking that your herd were treated to a daily shower with, (obviously), luxury shower gel to maintin that pristine "Beck Brow Look"!

  3. Oooh Garland looks very nice, I can see why she caught your eye.

    We have entered the National, but fleece only; it's a bit of a long drive with the trailer straight after lambing!

  4. That is a tidy girl you have joining you. DO NOT go to the show in your van, it will come back full !

  5. Out shopping again ..!! You really must take a blindfold next time, your new girl looks stunning ....babies already, can't believeits come round so soon.....great to see the little ones in luxury !! Jayne