Sunday, 20 January 2013

Introducing our new girl!

I can't believe it...we have had no snow...I love snow. It seems like everyone has had snow... except North West Cumbria! Despite that, the snow did manage to mess up our weekend plans. We were looking forward to heading off down to Wiltshire on Friday for a get together with friends and fellow alpaca breeders...but unfortunately poor weather conditions down South, meant we remained in sunny Cumbria...surely it isn't supposed to happen like northerners get the bad weather!

So we decided on a change of plan and went off seeking some snow a bit more locally. Yes, we decided to risk heading off to County Durham to deliver Lullaby and Topaz to their new home at Prince Bishop Alpacas. The two girls were straight out of the trailer and quick to give a 5 star rating to their new accommodation.

 Not Beck Brow but Prince Bishop Alpacas looking very scenic

Lullaby (front) and Topaz

Today we had an alpaca birthday party, as Sophie had decided an alpaca experience was her birthday treat of choice.

The girls taking the weanlings out

Foxy Sox leads the way as usual

Birthday girls Sophie in front with Shackleton

Maybe it was fate that our weekend away has been postponed...for we have made another addition to our blacks at Beck Brow. A poor photo taken on Craig's mobile...but below is Inca. Inca is an eight year old Labrador bitch who is a trained gun dog. Her owner has recently sadly passed away and she was looking for a new home. Craig met her at a shoot on Saturday and she came to visit today. Moving in permanently on Wednesday...I wonder if she can train Velvet!



  1. What a busy weekend none the less and I hope you really enjoy Inca x

  2. Yes, the photos look strangely lacking in white stuff!

  3. Does Paul know about the new addition?

  4. Woof ! A full size doggie. I am very jealous.

  5. I will gladly share some white stuff, I'm sure the birthday party was pleased there wasn't any even if you weren't!

    Liking your new girl, hopefully Velvet won't lead her astray....

  6. A playmate for Velvet - thats great. Hope you've had enough of the snow now. Stay cosy! Shirley & Robbie

  7. Inca's a cutie ... as are Lullaby and Topaz in their new home. Happy New Year to you if I haven't already said it!