Monday, 30 July 2012

Alpacas and coloured genetics...anyone's guess!

I have definitely discovered the best way to get your dams to give has happened too many times to be just a coincident...what you need to do is to make sure you plan as many things as possible, so that you have absolutely no time to be supervising births...also make sure that you are on your own and with no one to call on for help. Yes, all weekend Paul and I have watched and waited...we even complained that we were bored at one point. Then today, when he is at work and everyone else is busy, I have two births!

The first was reasonably straight forward. Pepsi struggled a little with the head (it is a whopper) but a little lube, and repositioning of legs, and a lovely fawn female (sire Waradene St Patrick) was delivered at 11.30 am. She was soon up on her feet, but her suckling technique is a little strange so I am watching her closely.

Next it was Biba (a black female) she is small and has looked uncomfortable for a couple of days, so I have been a little concerned about her birthing. Her waters broke about 12.45 but she really wasn't progressing as she should. Luckily our farmer friend (David) called by just at this point, his expert hands soon corrected the legs and we eased our another St Patrick female...but here's the shock...she looks black...bay black but a black. Maybe she will look dark brown by tomorrow? If not does that mean St Patrick has a secondary black gene that has been hidden...I am sure alpacas just make it up...just when we think we are getting the hang of alpaca colour genetics...we will see!

 Pepsi with her St Patrick female (she is darker than she appears in the the photo...a double of her daddy in fact)

Pepsi and Biba with their new babes (quite some difference in size! )

Biba's daughter with that typical St Patrick head


  1. 10 out of 10 for the ahh factor today, 2 gorgeous girls. The little black one looks a bit overwhelmed by the big wide world.

  2. Congratuilations on your lovely new arrivals.... glad all went well with the Blackbery & Rice dish ! What a typical event when you could well do without it ! I think the moral in the colour genetics is .... if you crack it...stick with it !! Anyway its exciting wondering all year what colours you want....then getting something completely different isnt it ! ....Jayne

  3. I must have got your fawn and you got my black today maybe - black to black here and we get..... fawn!!