Sunday, 21 June 2015

From Boys to Men...

As always lots has been happening here and the blog has been neglected. So, a bit of a catch up...

Ep Cambridge Gunsmith has settled in well and is now working. He was a little shy on arrival, and definitely didn't want to be in isolation (he jumped a fence). So the decision was made to create him his own little harem, where he could practise unobserved. He was placed in a group with three maidens (two black and one grey) and after being taken to watch our boys in action a couple of times, he was soon down to business. He has now been put in with some boys for company and happily performs with the females in the mating pen.

Ep Cambridge Gunsmith

Yesterday Paul delivered Beck Brow Crafter to his new home at Fangdale Alpacas in Yorkshire. Crafter has been watching his elders at work in the mating pens, but hadn't been let loose on any of the girls (mainly because we didn't want the group of young males to start competing). As Beck Brow Explorer had accompanied Crafter, it was decided that he should watch Explorer at work then have a date himself. Crafter had obviously been watching the master at work for a while...his first introduction to the ladies was relaxed and gentlemanly.

Beck Brow Crafter (before shearing)

The dynamics in the boys paddock has now changed. Crafter was the main man, with First Edition (Eddie) his deputy. Poor Bespoke was bottom of the pile, as Crafter made sure that was where he wanted him. Now that Crafter has gone, Bespoke is making a bid for leadership. However, it looks like Eddie and Boxster have made a new alliance, and are going for the top job. If Eddie were a person he would be the one who never gets the blame because he gets someone else to fire his bullets. Never in charge but best friends with the guy who is :)

Beck Brow Boxster (left) and Beck Brow First Edition (both 2 years and retained as stud males)

In my last blog I suggested the Ep Cambridge Lady Gaga was due to birth, as she was looking after the Strategist as if he were her own. As predicted the next day she had a fawn male. He is super cute and I was going to call him Beau (as suggested by Helen) but he is a little mischief so I have now named him Byker (Byker Grove) . I am finding inspiration for names difficult this year. Our little black female born last week has been named Evoque, inspired by the fact I have a new black motor (could have been X3 but I changed my mind at the last minute!)

Beck Brow Byker

The Morden Hall Honaria and Beck Brow Explorer union, which has produced First Edition and Bottoms Up, has done it again, producing another stunner. Beck Brow Bedazzled is very like Eddie, with an extremely fine, bright and dense fleece. I an not sure if she is beige or white but I thought this with Bottoms Up who ended up white. Explorer does give them a sun kiss which quickly fades out (he had this himself)

Beck Brow Bedazzle (sire: Beck Brow Explorer)

I might have already said this...but this really could be my favourite 2015 coloured cria so is Beck Brow Match Point. Bozedown Magic Charm and Timbertop CT Goldmine have produced a lovely uniform fawn male, who is so dense and curly, and handsome too.

Beck Brow Match Point 

The latest to be born is a Black Sabbath male born to Prima Razzamataz. June continues to be wet, cold and windy in the North West. I don't think we have ever needed so many coats. These dog coats by Masta and bought from Equestrian Clearance (on line) are the best, being both warm and waterproof (most prove only to be water resistant)


Razamataz and cria (on agistment)

As always the antics of the cria keep us amused. Below is Game On (sire: Waradene St Patrick) annoying Applause (sire: Timbertop CT Goldmine). She starts by trying to ignore the fact that he is biting her ear...

then decides to retaliate by biting his back. he is standing firm...not for surrendering...

Okay, Okay...I give to the girls!!!

Last weekend we had a lovely time in Northern Ireland. We had been invited to stay by Roger and Elaine from Amberly Alpacas, and this was to coincide with the Armagh County Show. We were so lucky with the weather, which was much better than we left at home, and had a lovely time. Great weather, lovely people, and alpacas...what more is there to want. The alpaca show was judged by Tim Hey and was supported by 10 breeders from Northern Ireland and included both Huacaya and Suri. Our hosts took the Supreme Championship in both breeds, so plenty of celebrating was in order. Well done guys!

Unfortunately I didn't take any photos whilst away...far too busy talking and socialising. Just a couple more taken today to finish with...

Who says black and white alpacas don't mix (Stargazer and The Strategist in the foreground)

 Actually I took the photo because it is unusual...this is more the norm!

As you can see we have lots of grass as always. We have been topping in the same manner as painting the forth bridge...non-stop. We also have lots of Buttercups this year. Paul has been busy spraying (Relay P) but as the paddocks have to be left for at least a week before reintroducing stock, this is being done in  rotation.

It's raining to get the washing in off the line...mainly cria coats!


  1. Glad all is weel, Match Point looks a beauty.

  2. Looking great as always Barbara, love the look of Crafter and Match point particularly.

  3. Match Point is a handsome wee man for sure. Lovely photos as always Barbara.
    Shirley & Robbie

  4. Lovely photos, Gunsmith is a real stunner!

  5. Lovely reading and lovely promising crias for sure! :)