Monday, 3 September 2012

And Then There Were Six...

 Having just sat down at the computer to do some paperwork earlier, I was disturbed by Paul...could I come out because my *%$%*y boys had escaped again...every time Paul tries to get through the gate to the manure pile...Explorer and his chums beat him through the gate...he then tries to herd them back with the quad's a good game and the boys enjoy it...Paul doesn't! I have a much easier solution...I just pretend that I have accidentally left another gate open (only I actually want them to go through this one) they go at top speed!

Beck Brow Explorer and Beck Brow Quintos spot the open gate

Yes, fooled...that's where I want you to go

Emm...think we are back where we started!

The title of the blog relates to my doves.You may recall that I acquired seven. Well, I now have six plus one very naughty dog.

I received an email from South Africa recently, from the owner of Penny, a Jack Russell x Cocker Spaniel, who is the image of Velvet...see photo below. Penny is just a puppy, and her owner wondered how I had managed to train Velvet...the answer is...I haven't!


I am still waiting for our last birth. Roma looks like she can't go much longer. She spends most of her day snoring. Will it be another boy I wonder? One of our friendliest cria this year is Pedro...and he just loves getting his photo taken.

 Beck Brow Pedro

Whispering sweet nothings to Beck Brow Lula


  1. Escaping boys! We have a similar problem with Qjori and his minions. Defintely a two person job and lots of arm waving involved!

  2. The galloping guys are too funny! And Pedro is definitely a photogenic cutie.

  3. love Pedro ! Bad Velvet ! Poor Dove ! Naughty Boys ! Poor Paul ! Clever you :-)

  4. Don't'll soon have so many doves that you wont even notice if Velvet has the odd one...well as long as she hides all those feathers!! Seriously though, the doves will quickly learn to allocate a "Velvet watch!" Our cats are incredible little killers but can't get the doves as there are just too many eyes watching whenever a cat is on the prowl!