Tuesday, 25 September 2012

An Update

Just a quick blog, as thank goodness we have had no further drama on the alpaca front. Foxy Sox is fully recovered, and is full of life; if a bit damp. Yes, we have had a month's worth of rain in 24 hours, hence no photos today. We have boggy fields and very soggy alpacas, the beck is like a river, but no damage here.

Rain seems to have been the theme of the summer, and looks like continuing into the autumn. So to get us through the winter months, we have booked a holiday for February 2013. Okay, I know it's a long time away, but I can feel the Mauritian sun on my back already!

Yesterday was a productive day, having finished sorting through fleece, it is now on it's way to the Border Mill. It actually took me longer to sort out the haulage, than it did to skirt the fleece. But I managed to get 89 kilos sent for only £35...not bad eh (first quote was £212!!!). It was a case of more parcels of lighter weights being the cheapest in the end. I do find using Parcels2Go the best company for price comparison.

I also had a visit from two lovely ladies, who had rang to ask if they could purchase a small amount of fleece for spinning. The rain didn't dampen their spirits, and after feeding Sox and Lullaby, they went away having purchased two large throws, and with plans to purchase some males! Sometimes it is only when other people get excited about what you are doing, that it reminds you of how lucky you are!

We have given up all hope of Roma caring for Sox. Sometimes if Roma can't see her, she looks out for her, but then appears to be disappointed when she spots her..."dam still here!". Now, I know that you are going to think that I am making this up...but I swear that I have seen this on more that one occassion...Galaxy (Roma's mum) pushes Roma's head towards Sox when Sox is near to her...and then looks annoyed with Roma when Sox is ignored...but that's alpacas for you...and why we love them.

Everyone got their selenium drench at the weekend. The dark coloured alpacas have had Vit A,D&E, and all of the herd will start on monthly injections from the end of the month. Just a few more spit offs to do, and that feels like the end of the summer. Won't be long before I am mixing sugarbeet!


  1. Autumn definitely arrived here too, but thankfully we're not getting anything like the rain that you are Barbara. Mauritius sounds wonderful - lucky you!

  2. Delighted that Sox is recovered! Very wet & windy here all day too. Shirley & Robbie

  3. Is it raining oop north? Beautiful sunshine all day here!
    Glad to hear Sox is doing well.
    Mauritius (if you haven't been already) is fantastic! The beaches in the North West of the island are amazing.

  4. Pleased that Sox is better - it's true what you say about other peoples enthusiasm reminding us how special our animals are.

  5. I'm mixing the sugarbeet already! It's been terrible here, Morpeth making national news again & I was unable to get to the vets.

    Glad Sox is much better.

  6. Excellent news regarding Sox, you have just remeinded me about the winter ..... hopefully the barn will be done ! mud, sugarbeet and wet through ...can't wait ...did we ever have any summer. Ive got 3 little Swallows here .... hanging on for some fine weather before they head off to warmer climes .....Jayne

  7. Fantastic news re Sox, well done team Beck Brow.