Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Just a quick blog to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas. I am afraid there are no photos of fluffy alpacas wearing reindeer antlers this year. The rain has been torrential all day, and the wind gale force. It's been one long day of mucking out and topping up hay the house has had to make do with a quick hoover round the furniture...I think we will stick to soft lighting and hope that no one spots the dusty corners!

The family will all be arriving tomorrow, when we will have a relaxed supper (homemade fish pie this year), then we will open our presents, and play card games (some of us are rather competitive in this household!) This has been the tradition at Beck Brow for the past 10 years, but with a granddaughter due in March...we will be back to greeting Santa on Christmas morn next year.

                                             A traditional Christmas at Beck Brow

We have only attended three weekends of Christmas markets this year. As always the alpaca wear was a great success, but I never fail to bring home as much stuff from other traders as I sell! My big purchase this week was a candelabra crafted by a local blacksmith (female)



                                            The Beck Brow Alpacas stand

It was only a couple of blogs ago that I declared that no more 2013 Beck Brow females would be released for sale. Well it came as a bit of a shock to myself actually, but whilst putting together a package of four quality females for some lovely new owners, Beck Brow Miss La-Di-Da just fit the bill. So that only leaves me with one Explorer daughter for myself (Beck Brow Hallelujah). With nine females leaving us next year for new homes, let's hope we do better at replacing them than we did this year...fingers crossed for a year of females born at Beck Brow!

Happy Christmas...Cheers Everyone!


  1. Lovely candelabra the Beck Brow stall looks very impressive, your home looks very inviting. Hope you manage to have a nice relaxing Christmas Time .... sounds like its going to be a very busy New Year with lots of new arrivals ! Jayne

  2. Splendid granddaughter news, Happy Christmas to you all.

  3. Lovely log burner - there must be something even more wonderful at the other end of the room to turn your chairs away from that!
    Sounds like a very successful Beck Brow year Happy Christmas and may it be an even better New Year (particularly with the granddaughter!

  4. A really happy Christmas to everyone in Beck Brow land! Hope it stops raining soon. Shirley & Robbie

  5. Happy Christmas from us at La Grand-Mere! Rain, wind and more trees down on paddock fencing here...hey-ho...more work!!

  6. Hope you had a happy Christmas - your stand looks just amazing! :) Lisa