Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Good news from NZ!

Whilst I admit I am becoming rather tardy with my blogging, I notice that I am not alone. It's that time of year where the opportunities to get a photo of a dry alpaca are few and far between. Hence I have had to go all the way to New Zealand for blog photos...

Pictured below is Gilt Edge White Gold whose first fleece stats are MFD 15.9 SD 1.9 CV 12 CF 100% (awaiting 2nd). Now you may be thinking; excellent fleece stats but why is she on this blog. Well, she is the first born progeny of our recently imported male; Timbertop CT Goldmine ET...and she has just taken Supreme Champion Fleece at the Hawkes Bay Show (NZ)...and wait for it...with the very impressive EPC Invictus taking Reserve Champion...go girl!!

                Gilt Edge White Gold (sire: Timbertop CT Goldmine ET of Beck Brow)

                                         Fleece from Gilt Edge White Gold

It has been a busy week, not least working as part of the National Show Committee, in order to get the website up and running. The site is going to be kept live by Philippa Collette so a great way to keep up to speed with goings on. Visit the site on The Telford Exhibition Centre is a fantastic venue taking the BAS National Show to new level. Oh I have just spotted myself on the video on the carefully for yourselves... you might be on there too!

Whilst busy I have still managed to get in a lunch or two (alpaca related of course). On Thursday I had a visit from Sam and Doug from Teesdale Alpacas. We had a good fleece rummage and then they kindly bought me lunch. A perfect day! Then yesterday I paid a return visit to Doug before heading on to visit Carole at Prince Bishop Alpacas. More fleece rummaging and lunch...oh the joy of alpaca ownership. Amanda (Florens Alpacas) had came along and as we had taken longer than expected; helped me get all the Beck Brow herd fed in the dark on our return.

Still haven't had the results from the judge's certification. Keep forgetting about it now, so any bad news will be taken well.

I am off down to Houghton Hall to be a handler on the Advanced Assessment course on Friday ( I think I have developed an addiction to travelling down that M6 to see alpacas!). I have to admit I very nearly went a week early...I had booked the hotel...packed my bag...when something just made me check the dates!!


  1. First paragraph is true - they just aren't dry for a day at the moment - Gilt Edge White Gold looks beautiful.

  2. Very nice - Gilt Edge White Gold that is, not the weather!