Monday, 26 March 2012

Magellan meets a real Explorer!

Maybe it was the sunshine causing me to make rash decisions...but on Saturday I decided Crystal needed a break...Magellan had to be moved. His constant pestering was just too the four male weanlings were moved in with Explorer. Talk about a love fest...Magellan was beside himself.

Magellan loving up to Explorer...

More loving...

It all gets just a bit too intense for Explorer...

...but he is loving being leader of the gang

...although all that reponsibility is a bit tiring...Quintos with Explorer flat out in the background!

Explorer is loving all the attention and is much happier with some 'proper friends'...Nimrod and Julius his 'faux friends' always made him feel like Billy no mates...He has actually been running around and looking excited...I am so pleased for him!

The female weanlings seem quite happy without the boys, and entertained themselves with a game of Chase the Chicken;

Finesse is first to spot the chicken (Boots foreground)

but Finesse is far too cool to join in the silly walk competition.

It has been a busy week here, with amongst other things; a visit to our website designer to agree the final version of our alpaca shop...hopefully opening very soon...although we have limited stock at present. Hopefully this will be soon addressed as we have just received 350 kilos of yarn back from Specialist Spinning. On first inspection the yarn, spun for weaving, looks fantastic and I am so pleased with the different shades.

Paul has been busy chopping down trees in our wood and storing the logs ready for next winter. He is always rather pleased with himself when the tree falls exactly where predicted...I left him to it and went to do a little retail therapy...It is Paul's brothers wedding at the weekend so I felt a new outfit was in order...oh and I start my new job tomorrow!


  1. I can empathise with Paul there, and good luck tomorrow - at least it will be a short week, albeit a long day.

  2. Good luck with your new job!

  3. Good Luck with the Day Job...just wondering who's holding the fort at Beck Brow when you are away ! Im sure Paul will have his hands full ..with logs by the sounds of things...the chicken walk looks like a great game, obviously Explorer prefers to chill out in this heat....and who can blame him !!!! ......Jayne

  4. Tell Paul that those logs now need to stacked in front of the house, absolutely perfectly cut and lined up to make a fantastic display! Over here, it's not the Porsche in the drive that's the size of your log pile that will impress!!